Center for Scientific and Technological 

Research of the State of Guerrero




The State of Guerrero, from Mexico, has a New Center for Scientific Research and Technology; it aims together with other institutions to contribute in the training of the citizens of the state. By integrating scientific, technological, educational and productive development we target to improve the situation of the state.

To meet its objectives, the CICTEG have different areas of knowledge: Applied Optics, Instrumentation, Technological Development, Biotechnology, Psychology and Peque-CICTEG, the latter aimed at promoting interest in science and technology in the childhood of our state.

The CICTEG, based on regional needs, aims to improves the situation of the State by integrating their knowledge to apply it in medicine, telecommunications, environment, care of special education, entertainment, scientific and industrial instrumentation, renewable energy and communication of science.

Please join us in this path to improve our world with the use of education.




Areas of knowledge




Peque-cicteg (little cicteg)



A space intended for children, to ask, to do and to play science.

Do you want to know?: Why is the sky blue most of the time and others purple, yellow or green? Why the shoes of the adults smell so bad? What it a snot? How can you help to clean the rivers and the sea? little-cicteg is a place to ask questions and find more questions ...

Little-cicteg focuses on developing fun and entertaining science communications.